Frequently Asked Questions

I have forgotten my password

Use the Forgot password link on the log-in page. The password reset question you identified when you registered your account will appear. Correctly responding to this question will provide you with your password. If you cannot recall your Password reset answer; please use the ‘Contact Us’ feature

How many log in attempts am I allowed before I am locked out?

The system will allow 3 log-in attempts before you are locked out. You will not be able to try to log in again for an hour after your third attempt.

The system will not accept the password I am trying to enter

The security settings for Reporting Services require that your password be a minimum of 8 characters with at least once special character. Special characters include: ! @ # $ % ^ & *

I just requested a New Account; how long until I can log in and start using Reporting Services?

You will receive an email within 3 business days of your request indicating that your account has been activated.

I need more information than what is provided in my reports. How can I pull this data?

Open up the Contact Us page; and explain your request. A member of our Client Relations team will be able to assist you with information on your request.

I have not logged into Report Services in several months and it is telling me that my account is locked out. What is happening?

For security purposes; if an account has been inactive for 3 month it is automatically locked-out. Use the Contact Us page to request that your account be re-activated.